A-Tuwani - boulders at the entrance to the village

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Nurit Badash (reporting) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
א-תוואני - עם נאסר עדרה

A-Tuwani: We met with Nasser Adara at his mother's house. There were 2 topics which were very important to him and he wished to update us and to bring them to our attention.

New boulders were placed at the entrance to A-Tuwani on both sides of the road, and also opposite on the dirt road in the direction of Yatta. There is concern that the next step may be to place a barrier right at the entrance to the village. The owner of the area filed a complaint, a fact that stopped the operations in the area for a while. After about a month and a half of neglect and lack of attention to the requests by the DCL, lawyers began to handle and for now, the activity has stopped.

Yesterday, on Saturday - 6 settlers came down with dogs from the outpost Havat Ma'on, reached the edge of the village, the house closest to the grove. The population followed what was happening and stayed at home. The people who were inside the house that the settlers and their dogs approached, took pictures of everything. There were also internationals among them. The settlers continued to harass them as they headed towards the plots. The internationals accompanied them all the time and documented what was happening. When they returned, they reached a relatively low area where a family was working in the field. The settlers again began to harass them and tease them with their dogs. When the locals demanded that they vacate the place because it was their land, the settlers turned to the army. When the military forces arrived, they shouted and demanded from the locals to vacate the place and escorted them with shouts and pushed them to their house inside the village.

In fact - once again, they were evicted from their territory, in order to avoid a bigger conflict.

Zif junction - open and looks normal.


*** While we were on patrol, Nasser was informed that demolition orders were being handed out at "Shu’b alButum". Nasser Nawaj’a – documented.