Etzion DCL, Halhul, Hebron, Sa'ir, Tarqumiya

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Tarkumiya barrier:

Looks like an endless car lot accompanied by plastic bags of all colors scattered on both sides of the barrier. Both on the Israeli side and further on.

We were told that the Palestinians make an appointment by phone to enter the DCO and receive a magnetic card to pass to Israel. The telephone appointment reduces the load at the checkpoint and the people come on the date and day set for them, so that the administration of the DCO seems reasonable. 

Hebron-Halhul Junction: A military jeep stands and watches.

Seir-Halhul Crossroads: A military jeep is heading towards Seir.

There is also a military jeep at the entrance to Beit Ummar.

At the next intersection down the road - in front of the entrance to Al-Arub:

The owner of the grocery store, located opposite the intersection, reports that the gas that the soldiers throw every few days near his store leaves him locked in his house for three days, unable to go out and breathe fresh air. 

Etzion DCO : every few days there is a long line, because the place is used by a very large population. Today there is no pressure because only a few Palestinians showed up.