Many soldiers and military jeeps along the road

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Raya Y. (reporting) and Muhammad. Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya
הכניסה לחברון מצד חלחול, ליד מפעל הזכוכית

Highway 35, bypassing Hebron from the north:

At the main entrance, which connects Hebron (Palestine) with Halhul, near the glass factory, there are new barriers: orange gatesinfo-icon on both sides of the road. The gates are occasionally closed by the army. We spoke with Sami Nacha from Hebron. He complains that there is no regular water supply to the houses. The residents are forced to buy water in containers that arrive at the residents' homes in trucks. A 10 cubic meter container costs NIS 200, and is enough on average for a family with four children for only ten days. Scale for comparison: the average monthly salary of a labourer is NIS 3000.

Along the road: many soldiers and military jeeps.

We turned south to road 60, which passes east of Hebron:

Here too: the occupation routine is accompanied by many soldiers and military jeeps. Not pleasant and not normal. Checkpoints are manned at all crossings from Hebron: Sheep crossing, Qilqis junction, southern entrance (near Beit Hagai). The soldiers always stand on the side of Hebron (afraid that From the North shall all evil be opened) strictly checking every vehicle that leaves Hebron.

A bright spot: the figs bought on the way home are fresh, delicious and extremely sweet.

Blessed year