Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Susiya, Zif Junction

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Hagit and Rivkale; Translator: Natanya

A few words in advance.

The association with accompanied us all the way on our shift was from the last book of songs of Yehuda Amichai.

“Open, closed, open”

I find myself again and again watching the world spread around me and opposite and in the extended hand of Amichai which points to the reality exactly as it is. As if was, as it will be , as an illusion, as dreamed and as betrayed in a way that only the reality as invented by a great poet can be .

Amichai wrote: "I want a God who is visible and not seeing, so I can guide him and tell him what he doesn't see.” (Translated by Karen Alkalay-Gut)

So God who does not see or sees too much or those who fight over him and do not know which God is the one who decides and who is important.

So what happened today all of a sudden?

Deir Razih  (the entrance from road 60) 

Beni Naim from the south eastern side (the entrance on road 356)

A-Tuwani (the entrance to Yatta from road 317)

What was closed today?

The entrance for  the school in Susiya from Yatta and from Samoa….the teachers have to get there through the Ziv crossroads which takes an hour at least.



Next to the school we saw  this young woman carrying water. So it is when you live under the occupation. No pipe leads to the house.

unnamed (1)_9.jpg


And here is the link to the video.: https://youtu.be/IvlkOAZd5jo

Hebron is Hebron

Shuhada street is closed. The neighborhood of the Palestiniahn it is Rumeida is closed. At the top of the checkpoint of Tel Rumeida it is impossible to pass and we hear from Imad and Mofid that the archaological digs are continuing and now more towards the bottom next to the home of Isa. Therefore it is not permitted to pass through the steps to the Cordoba school.

On the Path of the Worshippers we see the following graffiti…not the first time and one’s heart aches each time as this is the spirit of the commander.


unnamed (1)_9.jpg



Our account with the occupation is also open…..what does it do them, what is it doing to us.

NB We spoke to another five Palestinians who asked for Sylvie’s help in having the ban on them about the entry into Jerusalem removed.