Sha'ev el Bottom - Settlers in uniform destroy everything every night

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שעב אל בוטום - מתנחלים במדים הורסים הכול מדי לילה
בכספי תרומות של הקבוצה קנינו מצרכי מזון לשעב אל בוטום
גן הירק של משפחת ג'בארין בשעאב אל בוטום נרמס ברגלי המתנחלים
ההרס שזרעו המתנחלים אצל משפחת ג'בארין בשעב אל בוטום


This is an extraordinary vigil, first of its kind ever


My son Avishai has begun to work in the Beer Sheva Soroka Hospital, and is still shocked and worried about what happened and continues to take place since October 7th. He came home and was shocked to hear of my intention to hold a vigil in the South Hebron Hills. He asked, or rather demanded that I do not go there, this is irresponsible and a great risk these days, requesting that I consider him as well. Since I knew to what extent people there need our visits, we decided that I should go with Mohammad to the Hura supermarket, do all the shopping thanks to your donations, and then drive with him to the Meitar Checkpoint. From there Avishai would take me home while Mohammad would continue the vigil work on his own. I added bags of clothes that I had collected for the Palestinians and Mohammad took it all and drove to Sha’ab Al Botom without me.


In the video filmed by Mohammad one can see the havoc that settler-colonists left there. The Jabarin family experiences a pogrom every single night. They are afraid to sleep at home for (as one sees in the video) this is what they find in the morning. So they spend their nights at the homes of acquaintances in various places. The mother talks again about the army-uniformed settler-colonists, that this is what they do. They destroy everything, tear up the gas, water and electricity wires and pipes, vandalize furniture and mattresses, trample the vegetable plot. They have destroyed the chicken coop and all 25 chickens were killed. This happened although on the whole police attention has improved… Still the villagers feel unprotected.