Visiting Susiya, Mufaqara and Khashem al Karm

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Raya (reporting) and Muhammad, and the guests Orli, Miri, Yotvat, Ruthi L., Ruthi K., Yair, Ora, Yaffe. Editing: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya
מופקרה - פאדל מארח בשמחה
ח'שם אל כרם - אצל נעיב באוהל הארוח

A tour for Raya's Israel Trail group.

We started the tour in Susiya (the Palestinian). We stayed with Wadhah and Azzam. They told how they were moved from their place of residence in the Susiya Antiquities area, which is now part of the Susiya settlement, to the current area where they live. They told about the difficult life in the neighbourhood of the Jewish Susiya. The guests listened attentively, expressed sympathy, and bought Wadhah's own produce: fine za'atar and labaneh.

We continued to Fadel who resides with his two wives, his children and the herd in a cave in al-Mufaqara, south of the Abigail outpost. Fadel told the group about the harassments that have increased in recent times, mainly directed at Abigail settlers. It is said that there is a herdsman from Abigail who often calls the army and the police, with the aim of destroying, harassing and driving away his family and neighbours from their place of residence in the south of Mount Hebron. A Sisyphean struggle every day.

The continuation of the tour was in Khashem al-Karm, which is on the road between Umm al-Kheir and Hashem al-Daraj, deep in the area. We visited Na’ib's hospitality tent. We have been here before following demolitions and a demolition order for the school. Na’ib told about the many demolition orders, and the demolition order that still threatens the school.

We finished the tour with a trip to wonderful winter pools, located on a dirt road beyond Khashem al-Daraj. This is probably the water park of the area. Let's hope that settlers don't take over this coveted corner as well. In Khashem al-Daraj we were already told that there is a settler who has established his residence in the abandoned building of the Jordanian Umm-Daraj police. Fortunately, it is not possible to establish a sheep farm here, since there is no pasture for sheep.