South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Raya Yeor; Translator: Natanya

At the checkpoint of Shoket a very high and large dividing wall is being built which will block out the view and especially the “life” on the other side.

The settlement of Asael open to all and there is no blockages and not stones, no gatesinfo-icon and not army.

Each man will do as his heart tells him.

No army presence on road 17. No traffic on the roads.

Nasser from Susiya went to Dirat as he had been called there urgently to film the confiscation of the equipment of the residents.

The residents of Susiya had hoped that Trump would bring better times and this did not happen. They are still hoping for better days.

In the meantime Wudha is preparing excellent cheeses.


The cheeses of Wudha in Susya
Raya Yeor
In Susya
Raya Yeor