South Hebron Hills - all entrances to the Palestinian villages are closed

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Muhammad D. and Raya Y. (reporting); Translator: Natanya

We went on road 60 and drove towards Zanuta. The road is empty, only Israeli flags are waving on both sides of the road which were hung by the settlers to remind us all who is the landlord.

Even later, vehicle traffic is very sparse, all entrances to the Palestinian villages are closed and closed with a gate or an earthen embankment.

The entrance to Samu is blocked, soldiers on the side of the road. The entrance to Dahariya is closed.

Further down the road we reached Al Fawwar and met Yusuf who informs us that the situation is complicated and very difficult. The Palestinians have to walk three kilometres from Dura to Al Fawwar. there are no taxis that enter there, the gas station is closed and sometimes when they walk, the soldiers stop and check them.

An ambulance can't go in and out, everything is closed.

We returned from Route 317 and here too all the entrances to the villages are closed with an earth embankment or with locked gatesinfo-icon.

Many soldiers travel in ordinary vehicles with a flashing light on the vehicle. There are two or three soldiers in each vehicle, these are mainly the only vehicles traveling on the roads.

Sad, complicated and depressing.