Mufaqara - confiscation of a tractor

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

At the Tarkumiya checkpoint, there is a very heavy  traffic of vehicles and passage of goods into the West Bank and this passes through all hours of the day. Behind the checkpoint the parking lot is full.

We arranged to meet Awwaz el Ahdam  to return to him a small package containing money and belongings. The package remained in Ayalon Prison after his release and was transferred to Awwaz (estimated time for the operation from prison to 4 hours).

Awwaz thanked the Machsom watch  women who help make life a little easier, especially when the Palestinians have to deal with the authorities in Israel. 

Soldiers and police officers checking the licenses of Palestinian vehicles are standing on Road 35 at the Hebron-Shuyukh junction. On either side of the road are a number of merchants trying to make a few bucks by selling fresh merchandise of vegetables.

We met Suayeb Hamamda from Mufaqara whose tractor was taken from him claiming that he was plowing the land which did not belong to him but  to the State of Israel. (This is a daily event and does not take into consideration international law). He is being summoned to court, and must report to the Kiryat Arba police on December 16.

He has been plowing this land for many years.