Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S., Ora A.

10:50 there were three cars in the lot. But the waiting room was empty. A few people who wandered outside approached us. An older man said he has a permit to enter Israel valid till July 2017, but when he tried to pass at the checkpoint he was told he is prevented. They didn’t explain why. He is at a loss. We referred him to Sylvia with the appropriate instructions. Afterwards two other GSS prevented approached us and we referred them to Sylvia too. A youngster came out and said he knows he is police prevented (from entering Israel) until 2017. But the soldier at DCL told him that the prevention is valid until 2099. We referred him to Ronit.

We were at the waiting room and saw in the parking lot two soldiers leading a blindfolded Palestinian to the police building on the hill. A group of Palestinians who were outside said they saw the man was taken off a white vehicle, probably belonging to GSS, and when he turned to them and wanted to ask something, the people accompanying him beat him vigorously.



מתק עציון.jpg
Two soldiers leading a blindfolded Palestinian to
the Police building on the hill
photo: Shlomit S