Umm Darit - the settler Amichai Shilo and his son with their sheep graze on Palestinian territory

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Michal (reporting and photographing) and Muhammad (photographing); Translator: Natanya
אום דרית - מיכל ליד המכונית בביקור הקודם
אום דרית - המכונית השרופה

We went to the Jabarin family. Their exact location in Khalet al-Daba is called Umm Darit. On Monday night, settlers set fire to their car that was used to transport sheep, groceries and everything. Without it they have no possibility of getting anywhere. This was after a long day of harassment and intimidation by the settler, Amichai Shilo, and his assistants.

He lives in a bus on a hill in front of them and comes with his herd to their territories, making noise, frightening and making life bitter.

So, we brought them necessities again, thanks to your donations, and thanks to the 4×4 without which it is not possible to get there due to the multiple blockades made by the IDF in the last six months.

The burnt-out car is a total loss.

When we got there, we were happy to meet Nidal Abu Younes and his people. He is the head of the villages’ council of Masafer Yatta. According to our Muhammad, he helps a lot of people there. For example, water containers and pipes and everything else possible to help a little against the threats and destruction of the settlers. In a conversation with him it turns out that he studied agricultural engineering in Baghdad 5 years, 35 years ago.

Laila says that the day before, 30 settler vehicles arrived near this bus outpost, turned on speakers and played loud music for hours. Then they approached their donkey and released it and just harassed them whole time. There were also volunteers from abroad with the Palestinians who took pictures all the time and thanks to them and thanks to the police, whom her husband called, they fled. Later settlers came on horses, walked around their lands and took pictures of the family at work in the field.

In general, says Laila, that in recent days she feels increased activity of the settlers who come with their herds, trespass on the family's land, curse and make obscene movements.

Leila adds about the events of the night of the burning of the car:

"When we complained to the police, they came with the army and began to violently interrogate us physically as well. Who told you that it was settlers who did it, maybe you or yours, if you don't have photos that prove who burned. You are lying."

"After they left, we no longer slept out of fear until the morning," she says.

This is the case all the time. Every day and night they come, disturb, frighten, come up with the flock, Amichai Shilo and his son or another young man, on their territory and destroy everything they have sown. The father of the family shows me the picture of the settler partially dressed in the IDF uniform.

Next to this poor house, Laila managed to rehabilitate her beautiful vegetable garden again: cauliflower and cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, sage and other herbs, fruit trees were also planted again. When the vegetables are ripe, we will be happy to buy them. She always insists that we eat something she made.

When we left, we saw on the way to the bus a convoy of many very posh vehicles. It seems that some guarded state personality has come to support settler terrorism.