Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Observers:  Nura R., Hanna P. (reporting); Translating: Judith Green

Falamiya North, gate 914

5:40 - the gate is not open yet.  We asked people about the issue of their request of moving forward the hour for returning in the afternoon;  according to them, nothing has happened about this so far, and they are thinking about responding in a few days.  Meanwhile, during the hot days, some people left through the Eyal exit.  As one of them explained to us:  I finished work at 3 and then I need to wait in the heavy heat until 5.  The passage through Eyal - a much longer route - requires extra expense on the taxi.

While we waited for the gate to open, while chatting with people, they keep repeating the complaint about their lack of freedom and rights.  Among other things, the short periods of time when the gatesinfo-icon are opened and the worry about being late and losing a day's work.

At 5:30, the gate opened and the "dance" started, well-known to the Palestinians who have become accustomed to it:  they proceed by groups of 5, according to a soldier's sign, one by one they approach closer to him and show him their document and permit and, if necessary, their lunch bags are checked.  At the next station, they call out the ID number.  Vehicles, usually tractors, although occasionally old cars, wait until after the pedestrians have crossed.  There must be order, and it is kept!

Altogether, about 70 people arrived, 7 tractors and 2 cars.

Falamiya South, gate 935

6:35 - One tractor waiting;  the gate opens, not many customers.  Up until now, 5 tractors and one truck have arrived and 20 people.

6:50 - A soldier begins to close the outer gate.  A tractor is heard from far away, it arrives at the gate.  The soldier opens for him (since the gate is supposed to be open until 7).