South Hebron Hills - Sansana (Meitar) CP is closed to Palestinians

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Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya

The Meitar  checkpoint is  packed with cars and people on the Palestinian side. This morning the police and the border police have blocked the crossing apparently because of the corona. It is Sunday, and thousands got stuck at the checkpoint  while buses and vehicles got stuck on the Israeli side, without passengers.

When we passed at 9:40, the checkpoint itself was empty, but hundreds, maybe even thousands, who were  stuck, waited along the road and fence, exposed to the sun in the hope of getting to work. It was a terrible sight! Even Muhammad, who passes by there every day, has never seen such a sight. Never! Some talked to soldiers, probably tried to persuade them to let them pass.

We turned onto Road 317, in the direction of Susiya, opposite are  the signs of a new settlement (?).

Azzam  and his family were not at home because his mother had died, so the whole family was not at home.

At Tuwani  we met Basel..According to him, near Zeituna there is a new settlement and on the other side, the illegal outpost Havat Maon is building a new farm. They were given a grazing allotment, the army helped them to take over the Palestinian grazing areas. The Palestinians and their flocks are pushed away and thus their livelihood is taken  from them !!!

Near the outpost Havat Maon, another tower for soldiers is being built, and there have been demolitions in the area/

Since there is no coordination with the PA, the soldiers are not escorting the children to school and a student was attacked by settlers but managed to escape.

There are those who call on the administration, or the army for help, but the soldiers do not know the general's order and obey the people of the settlement ....

In Jewish Susiya, the settlers  built an illegal building. The army  came to stop the construction, but did not  confiscate  their tools, as they do those of  the Palestinians.

We also met Salem from B'Tselem, who told about a stolen village near the Asfar settlement, where they do go at all because they are afraid of the settlers and the  soldiers help the settlers ... Muhammad will try to get there this week.

We returned in the direction of the Meitar checkpoint, it was already noon and there were still many dozens waiting, in the field, in the heat, maybe they would be able to enter Israel to work .... (Some apparently gave up and returned home).

Difficult sights ....