Planting in Beit Ummar

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Tal Amit (guest), Aviva Hay, Anita Sadeh, Tal Haran, Irit Segoli, Nurit Popper (reporting and photographing) Translator: Charles K.
שותלים שתילי גפנים בבית  אומר
במנוחה ליד הטרקטור
שתילי גפן
שורה של שתילי גפן נטועים

Planting in Beit Ummar

We arrived at the area intended for planting in the afternoon.  It borders Highway 60.  The military pillbox is nearby.  On the hill some distance away sprout the buildings of the Karmei Tzur settlement.  The planting is aimed at using the area productively to generate income and prevent it being taken over by the settlers and the army.

Funds were raised to buy more than 300 grape vines.  The area was already prepared for planting when we arrived.  Iron rods had been driven into the ground at measured intervals.  The day before we arrived it had rained heavily and the earth was muddy and difficult to work.  A number of villagers were there, digging the holes for planting.  We brought the seedlings from the wagon and assisted with the planting.

After the short work-day, we drove to see Musa’s park project.  Work was proceeding apace.  In addition to recreational facilities such as a restaurant and coffee shop, a cinema is also being built for the benefit of the area residents.

We left, promising to come next year for the harvest.