Etzion DCO: Are our lands still ours?

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Natanya G., (photos), Shlomit S., Ora A., (reporting), translation Shuli B.
אנשים ממתינים ליד הקרוסלה

A short shift.      

10.50 In the waiting  hall there was only one woman waiting for her son.  Two people arrived later and went inside immediately.  At the entrance to the employment office were about a dozen people, landowners from the Samou area, that we had already met.  They said they came again to receive receipts for ownership of their own lands.
Someone shouted: We've been waiting four hours!
A guy who said, "I am Israeli" checked in immediately.
People continued to huddle at the entrance to the Employment office.  It turned out that today only one clerk  handles land matters. He is not in a hurry to finish and they will have to, apparently, come again. 
Some people came to get a magnetic card, or an entry permit, and they were immediately entered. 

After a while we went back to the waiting room. No one was waiting there.  The woman who waited for her son had also gone.