In Simia, South Hebron Hills - demolition orders for 2 classrooms

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

In the morning the parking lot of Meitar is packed with cars. Most of the workers have returned to work in Israel, and locals estimate that about 90 percent are in the construction and agriculture industries. But because of the Corona merchants cannot enter Israel nor  can older people.

F. from Simia tells us that IDF soldiers enter the village every few days to  checked if they have added and / or increased the school building.  There is currently a demolition order for the two additional classrooms which were built later. The demolition order was filed about a month ago and is being handled these days by a lawyer of one of the peace organizations.

Vegetables sellers at the Dura-El  Fawwar  junction say that their goods (vegetables and fruits) were confiscated by the army and they lost a lot of money. Today they are examining the area and trying to find out if they can return to sell their goods.  

At the entrance to Hebron, at the Beit Hagai junction, all vehicles are checked and not randomally, so a long caravan of cars wait  and traffic creeps along slowly.

It is  hot outside and unpleasant to be detained.