Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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:Raya, Hagit S.S. TranslatorNatanya

We went to Meitar from the direction of Negohot. The road goes through many Palestinian towns. Amongst them are Abda to which the entrance is still blocked

A little before the road sign which directs us to Negohot we pass a red sign which wards against entering a dangerous Palestinian  area. In spite of this sign it seems  that the children of Negohot  pass through here with their transport to the school in Kiryat Arab.  And this  inside the very Palestinian villages  which are considered so  dangerous.

In the streets of the villages the army has placed yellow cement post directing the traffic to Negohot

We went through Negohot A and Negohot  B. Each one on a high hill. We saw the water pipes and electric which are pulled along the land ascending the hill up to the outpost  at the top. 

At the next crossroads there is again a sign that the entrance to the area is dangerous for Israelis.

Through Dura and at Beit Awah we came to Idna. At the vegetable market people were curious/surprised at our presence. We felt it important that they met Israeli women who are friendly and mean well, smiling, greeting with good morning in Arabic and so on.

At the olive press at  the entrance to Tarkumiya the festival of the olive pressing is at its height and the extended  families including women and children are present. The greenish olive oil poured into Raya’s container.

On the way back the entrance to Shuyukh and Sair is open but a command car checks people coming  from the village. 

At the entrance to Dura there is a traffic ham  . The army is checking cars and causing a delay. The entrance to Samoah is open. In spite of that goods are being passed through back to back.