Etzion DCO

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg
Al Khader - settlers had begun building on his lands

Once more we feel that all we are doing is putting a plaster on the wounds.

There were surprisingly many Palestinian cars on the road. We went to Al Arrub to pass a Palestinian a donation that we had received for him and this time all went very smoothly.
At the DCO we found people sitting there. they had been called in by the GSS by phone and had been waiting there since 9 am. It was already past 12. These people are fasting. No one had gone through to the offices. When we left at 1.30 they were still waiting. And they are left with the option of leaving and then later being told that they had not come in. One man had a visit from the army at his home at 9 pm the previous night. But they did not turn the house upside down. We phoned the operations division to complain and were told that they would check. We phoned again and were told that they did not deal with the subject and did not know who did.

The soldiers at Rami Levi supermarket were not in their posts but standing very nonchalantly with their rifles no cocked in any particular direction.

A man who lives opposite Neveh Daniel at Al Khader arrived and said that settlers had begun building on his lands. This is the picture that they took from their home. The army came and told them to desist but we do not know if they came back afterwards. The settlers are wearing army uniforms, but the shoes are not those of the army but the usual civilian shoes. The settlers are so sure of themselves that they do not even bother to cover their faces. The family has other lands on their name but are not allowed to go there. We gave them various phone numbers, also of Hagit of Peace Now and Yesh Din to whom we also sent the details. The young man who was translating for them is called Maher Salah.

At Ricardo (the shop in Beit Jala), the oil seller told us that they are not allowed to go onto their lands near Etzion but at Beit Jala they can do so.