South Hebron Hills - Khursa

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Hagit (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
הפילבוקס והדיוואן צמודים זה לזה עם השערים שסוגרים את התנועה

We  have  reported often about the story of Khursa. It is located on a road connecting Route 60 and Route 358. On this road is also the settlement of Negohot. Khursa is Area A according to the Oslo Accords, and there are warning signs that Israelis are forbidden to enter.

Nevertheless, the army decided that in order to guard the movement of the settlers, it must build a pillbox. The pillbox was built on private Palestinian land. They were assured that their  movement in the area would remain free. Below the pillbox is the family diwan where they usually hold gatherings and sit together. They were assured they could continue using it. All these promises are constantly violated. Now there are gatesinfo-icon and movement is not free. They must ask the DCO for permission whenever they want to use the Diwan and that  a week in advance.

That's how life is for  the Palestinians

How did one of them say: They know that we are weak.