Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Observers: Tami Ritov (photographs), Neta Golan (reporting) Chana Stein translating.

05.45. Barta’a – Rehan checkpoint, Palestinian side.

Sour grapes in Barta'a.jpg
  beauty behind bars.. photo Tami Ritov 18.5.2017

















The Palestinian ‘usher’ hesitates whether we are allowed to park at the edge of the parking lot. He phones and gets permission.  There is no queue.  Many people arrive and pass immediately through the turnstile. A few pass from the seam zone towards the West Bank.

06.05. The seam zone side.

Many people standing and sitting beside the road, waiting for transport. A few wait in the shed. Yellow taxis and other cars wait for passengers going to work. We enter the wire sleeveinfo-icon towards the terminal opening. Five checking stations are open. They say that two stations are for checking bags and containers, but one is out of order today. People come out quickly from the terminal. Many stop at the (settler’s) kiosk for coffee and pastry. The smell of pastry mingles with the smell of blooming jasmine. On the other side of the wire sleeve, a vine is in leaf with unripe grapes.  Spring at the checkpoint …

Three people ask for help in cancelling refusal of permits by Security and the police.  We give them phone numbers and hope for the best

06.40.  A’anin checkpoint: the checkpoint opens late.

We are late for the opening time (6.30), but so, too, are the soldiers. At 6.45 the first person passes, and after that people pass reasonably quickly. About 50 people and 6 tractors. Two families pass on a visit to Um el Rehan. One woman was not allowed to pass. We do not know why.

Late opening of the checkpoint in the afternoon: At 15.30  our acquaintance M. phoned to say that they had not yet opened (the official opening time is 15.00). We phoned the D.C.O. and the soldier said she would enquire. At 15.50 the gate opened. Also last Thursday the gate opened late.

07.10. Tura-Shaked checkpoint. The checkpoint, where few pass, ‘excels’ in its slowness.

The passage to the seam zone is very slow. A contractor from Um il Fahem waits for his workers. Like us he cannot understand why on Thursda;y they open at 07.00 and not at 06.30, as on Monday through Wednesday.The contractor is astounded at the sight of little children having to pass through the checkpoint on their way to school. He compares them with his spoiled children in Um il Fahem.

07.40. The contractor’s workers have not yet passed through.  We leave.