Al-Mufaqara – settlers wound a child in the head

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Muhammad and Daphna. Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya
אל מופקרה - מתנחלים פצעו בראשו את אדם

Early on Sunday morning the Meitar crossing is already busy and packed with trucks entering Israel, cars and workers, many policemen.

We went to visit Fadel of Al Mufaqara, which is located between the outposts Havat Ma'on and Abigail.

His son, Adam, was with his brother in the pasture. Some settlers came and started beating the sheep and throwing stones. One stone hit a Palestinian in the head and injured him.

Fadel has received a demolition order for the house above the caves. There is a lawyer who is trying to handle the matter, which has been going on for several years.

But Fadel fears that the time for this is close and has dismantled the iron doors and some of the windows of the house so that they will not be damaged during the demolition.

The children no longer go to school and help with the sheep in the pasture. Fadel does not go out so as to guard the house, and to be present when they come to destroy it.


There is no real reason why the house should be demolished   other than its proximity to the settlers causes conflicts and encounters with them. He thinks that the settles are demanding the demolition.

He asks for help from volunteers (men) to escort the shelpherds and to be present.

During this shift I saw that there are many problems and much is needed in the area and there are not enough volunteers. The presence of volunteers sometimes hinders and discourages the settlers.