Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya
במעלה הדרך לתל רומידה

The endless dirt of nylons,  plastic bottles and pieces of cardboard accompanies those coming to Tarkumiya  from both directions on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides.

Today at the checkpoint, I asked one of the girls to point out to the checkpoint manager that I was shocked by the large amount of filth that greets those passing through the checkpoint. It is also possible otherwise !!! .

We met Hamed Abu Aisha from Tel Rumeida. Hamed is 90 years old. Hamed tells us that he was a merchant all his life, traveled all over the world in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and many other countries and for years sold his wares in Israel. Hamed is  forced to walk to prayer on foot, both there and back. (The road is very steep even for young and able bodied people)

We offered to take him by car. |He said that is we did so, the military would stop us. His 73-year-old friend arrived and they both walked slowly towards the goal.  (Maybe one should add that Palestinians are not allowed to use their cars. But that two old men can not even be given a lift is pure sadism)

Two types of cameras in Tel Rumeda, one of the state / police / army and one of the settlers.

This does not look like a good place to live So sad, so infuriating.