Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Muhammad, Daphna, Leah; Translator: Natanya

9:45. Meitar crossing: traffic of workers to Israel is relatively sparse because of the rainy weather. Employers in both building and agriculture had announced the cancellation of working days because of the rain and weather.

10:15. Susiya

On the side of the road there is a water pipe. Residents of Palestinian Susiya wanted to be connected to Mekorot,  but their request was denied. So they continue to buy water from tankers from the sellers of water dealers who buy them from Mekorot.

Because this is the only way for the residents of the village to drive  of Yatta, the roadblocks that soldiers sometimes place at the entrance on Highway 60 are very distressing to them. Their purpose is to allow the soldiers to harass the people with constant checks.

Visit to Wadha, in a well-heated room with a tin stove that works on wood. She says that a week ago, teenagers came down from the Susiya settlement at night with flashlights towards the village, the dogs barked, and the men came out  to drive them back to the settlement.

Azzam today went to work in Israel (he is an electrician). At  his age be can already pass the checkpoints without a permit. His son, Zayn, graduated from Yatta High School and is looking for a job. His  nephew Mahmoud is at home. The transport to A-Tuwani has not arrived today. (Israel has not allowed the children from the area north-east of Tuwani to be bussed to school by the Palestinian Authority shuttle within Area C. So the children from that direction come to school on foot, and only accompanied by soldiers).

Another cold winter day in the "Twilight Zone" of apartheid.