Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Daphna J, Yehudit K, Muhammad D.; Translator: Natanya

We left Beersheba only at 10:00, so that the Meitar checkpoint was deserted, only a few people, probably illegal workers were walking on road 60 and were going back to where they had come from.

Highway 60 was almost empty as far as Al Fawwar which was open as were  Abda, Dura, Beit Hagai and the Sheep  Intersection.

Since this was a the first time for Daphna and Yehudit had not been in Hebron for a long time, we decided to travel to the ghost town. Indeed, there is a little more activity on the streets, here and there a shop was open.

We were  impressed (for the worst!) by the multiplicity of checkpoints (Daphna) and the addition of  barriers in places where there had been none before  (Yehudit), the turning of 160, for example and the Chemist checkpoint.

We sat with Abed in his souvenir shop. A group of Germans came with Breaking the Silence - teachers from Bonn in Germany. We drove through Shuaoda Street which is (still) deserted and we went to Tel Rumeida - the soldiers at the post  showed little interest in us or anything else for that matter. There were several children around who also did not seem to attract their attention

Daphne wants to add that she was very worried about coming (but overcame the feeling!) and was also impressed with the increase of barriers which  she says, are stuck in every corner without logic .... but also from the pleasant attitude of the people whom we met.

We did not see an army or border guard on the roads, just near the Cave of the Patriarchs as usual, but on the way back at the village of Deir Razih, area A, which Israelis are forbidden to enter there was a military vehicle.