Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Ariela Slonim and Michal Tsadik, Semadar Becker (guest); Translator: Natanya

At 8-9 the soldiers are still manning the cement blocks at the crossroads of Samoa and Dura-Al Fawwar and at rolling checkpoints they are checking cars and also in the middle of the field  in this area.


Mofid Sharabati collapsed in his home after feeling ill in the wake of an argument with soldiers at theTarpat checkpoint three days earlier.

(He is  crippled with a  his broken back which has platinum in it and this  after soldiers beat him a few years ago and also suffers from his heart. Compensation was not paid to him, of course, even though he was treated at Hadassah. No one took responsibility)

His brother Zidan was also threatened with arrest on the same day. No one was arrested in spite of the violence of the argument the soldiers could not find a good reason for doing so.  Their only sin as that they live opposite Beit Hadassah and insist on staying there.  I spoke to him on the phone and his son came to take the equipment for the kindergarten which Umm Yazan, his wife, runs, there at the same cursed place opposite Beit Hadassah. The equipment was sent by Rachel Afek and was received with gratitude and thanks of course.

The checkpoint which was built because of Elor Azaria has been dismantled  (Gilbert).

New cages have been erected at the checkpint  next to the tomb of the martyrs of Tarpat and next to the archaeological excavations adjacent to the house of Hana Abu Heikhal (East German Architecture) .With us it still exists ....

The soldiers accede to our request to enter the area which is now been monitored and even to leave it.

Near the Tomb of the Patriarchs there are tourists as usual

The soldiers this time did not check the identity of M. And they do not talk about the laws of separation . He parks his car there as usual.

We went to Susiya. We did not go into Intisar's garden to bring her the equipment and donated games because she called and said that the PA education system wanted to enter and operate it their own auspices and she is discussing this with them, but we should not come in the meantime.

So everything is in waiting and we  hope that she will get everything she needs from them and we will give everything to other needy people, or we will give them to her when things become clearer. (Thanks to Liora Glatt Berkowitz).

In Susya

Azam the wise and the fluent explains again and tells again at the guest's request, his history and the history of his family.

His wife Vadha is as  always a model and welcoming hostess. In the little tent house and its surroundings  it she manages to maintain cleanliness and order which is amazing and also a flower and vegetable garden  and a small orchard which is in flower.

Ariella brought them wonderful pictures of their daughter Sarah and the little grandson which she had taken. These people arouse our admiration.

But no one of the Jewish settlement Susiya are not interested in them and do not notice them….of course.

The electric wires  and water pipes which go through their lands are not meant for  them but only the Jewish settlers of Susiya.

They themselves have 26 water holes which they are not allowed to go to.  Luckily there are international peace  activists.

To our shame.