A new settler farm near Susiya

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Michal  (reporting) and Muhammad (photographing); Translator: Natanya

Report of shift, South Hebron Mountains


Michal  (reporting) and Muhammad (photographing); Translator: Natanya

We went to Susiya to hear reports from Nasser Nawaj’ah about what is happening and to congratulate him on winning a prize for his activity in the non-violent resistance to the occupation.

I congratulated him on behalf of all of us and expressed our joy at his victory. Nasser was happy and thanked everyone very much and emphasized that the appreciation for his efforts is more important to him than the amount of money he will receive. He could not come to the ceremony which was in Tel Aviv because he forbidden entry to Israel.

Nassar says that lately there are a lot of new settlements in the form of individual farms in the Susiya area. In Tawamin, east of Susiya, behind the Jewish cemetery, the settlers cut a 3 meter fence and put the sheep in the garden. There 120 trees were destroyed by the settlers' goats and sheep.

800 meters south of that place that Nasser called Umm Al Hawass, settlers invaded a Palestinian’s farm which was empty because the Palestinians   do not live there permanently. The settlers built tents next to the house and they graze their sheep there.

We could see from his house, on the ridge in question, a bulldozer was working. Nasser said that the land is being prepared there for a settlement. Then Nasser went to Abu Safi and his neighbour, Omar, to install cameras which would make it easier for them to document the abuse of the settlers which we have been reporting all the time in recent months.

And we went ask after his pleasant neighbours, Azzam and Wadha.  Azam works in Israel but injured his hand and was at home.

Since Muhammad had a headache which got worse as time went on, we shortened the shift and did not go as planned to Sha'b al Butum, and returned home.

The roads were empty of military vehicles and the checkpoint police were functioning as usual and everything seemed to be quiet.

"The sun rose, the tree flourished and the butcher slaughtered."