Al-Arrub - a bypass road that harms the residents' livelihood

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Raya Y. (Reporting) and Muhammad. Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya

We passed through the Tarkumiya crossing to Route 35 towards Gush Etzion.

We turned north at the intersection of Route 60, towards Halhul. About two kilometres later we saw two new army posts on both sides of the road, each manned by two soldiers.

At the Halhul-Se'ir intersection, there is a military jeep watching the traffic.

Further down the road, about two weeks ago, a bypass road was opened to Al-Arrub and Beit Ummar, and for this there is money? See Amira Hess, on a bypass to Al-Arrub

At the Coordination and Liaison Headquarters of Bethlehem, many Palestinians are waiting.  They had   booked an appointment and arrived at the appointed time to deal with their documents and the so-called daily life challenges of each and every family.

On the way back we stopped at Ibrahim's grocery store in Al-Arrub. He says that clashes with the army, and the boys throwing stones at the pillbox have become routine.

At the gas station, and at Ibrahim's they say that it is very hard to make a living.  The situation is more and more difficult because most of the population now uses the new road that bypasses Al-Arrub.