Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Halhul, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

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Muhammad and Daphna; Translator: Natanya
כרם בין ההתנחלויות כרמל ומעון

Meitar, almost as usual, full of cars and workers, even though today is the eve of Sukkot for the Jews and there will of course be a closureinfo-icon, in the afternoon ....

Road 60, Samu' Junction - open.

In Othniel, the construction of another huge yeshiva, in progress ...  - open.

Kilkis Square - the road that was closed for years! Open, while in the direction of Hebron, closed with concrete blocks.

Sheep Junction - open.

Overall there is much traffic.

Road 356, dirt entrances at the road which leads to the vineyards, blocked with stones.

At the entrance to Halhul, there is a pillbox but the entrance is open.

In front of the cowsheds of the settlements Carmel and Maon, a huge area had been cultivated for vineyards, as you can see in the picture, with a fence and a gate around it and thousands of new seedlings ....

Asa'el, as I have already written, their expansion, in width and height ..... The houses were once on pillars and now, the columns are closed with concrete and walls, another floor .....

Happy holiday to us and Palestinians under closure and not allowed to enter Israel even those who have permits.....