Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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M. and Ariela; Translator: Natanya

We left with a car laden with blankets, winter clothes and games collected by my friend and daughter from Kibbutz


At the Meitar checkpoint, there was a stream of trucks. "Gate 11" was completely closed and two military jeeps, one in the passage and one in the square, secured the passage. On the Palestinian side the parking lot was full and there were also food stalls as usual.

We arrived with all the equipment we had with us to "Maktel  Um Salem" and Amar and his wife and two small children, Adam,  a two- and three-month-old man and a ten-month-old Joseph came out to meet us. Adam bounced between the rocks easily not letting go  of a doll he had embraced in his hands. The older children are at Semo' with their grandparents because their studies in the Palestinian Authority have begun.

From there we went to Susiya. On the way there we met Nasser who told us about tent demolitions in Gimba and a house demolished the day before in Masafer Yatta. Azzam built a fence around his house and when I asked if he was not afraid of being demolished he replied: Trees were uprooted, houses destroyed, people killed but I have some respect left and if that disappears - that's the end.

In terms of the corona situation in the area, the second wave in Yatta was very bad but when we came  there the situation was already much better.

On the way back to the Meitar checkpoint on Road 317 we saw many piles of dirt blocking the Palestinians' exit to the road and Asael settlement was expanding.

Back to the checkpoint the parking lot is full even though the agricultural workers have not yet returned to work as well as the traders. The only ones who pass are the construction workers because this is considered essential work.

The open sewer at the Meitar checkpoint still smells…