Habla - a ten-year old child cannot pass without his birth certificate

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Fathiya A.(reporting); Translator: Judith Green

14:04  Habla:  very precise inspections for both vehicles and pedestrians.

14:05  A boy about 10 years of age arrived at the checkpoint.  His uncle brought him from Hablah so that he could return to Qalqiliya with his father who was waiting for him on the other side.  His father owns a nursery.  The soldiers refused to allow the boy to cross, because he didn't have an original birth certificate with him.  His father showed the soldiers his ID card, to prove that this was his son and he explained to them that he crosses the checkpoint every day, but in vain.  Ten minutes passed of arguing;  in the end, the father told his son to return to Habla and that someone would bring him to Qalqiliya from there. So the boy returned, alone, since his uncle, who had accompanied him to the checkpoint, had left as soon as he saw the father waiting there.  During the argument, a worker arrived from Habla and waited until the discussion was over.  It was already 14:20.  The soldiers didn't let him go through despite all his begging that he had actually arrived at 14:05.  It didn't help.  He would have to wait for the checkpoint to open at 18:00.

15:00 Burin:  The position next to the school was manned and a few soldiers were standing there.

15:30  Huwwara:  A lot of soldiers walking around next to the plaza.  The checkpoint was manned and all the bus stops were manned.

15:50  Beit Furik:  Manned on both sides and careful inspections of vehicles.

16:20  Urif: On Friday, 15.02, settlers came down to the fields of the village with a tractor and levelled the ground and constructed a sand barrier all along the field, to prevent the residents from reaching their fields.  When the villagers tried to break through the barrier, the settlers shot rubber bullets at them.  Two were wounded, one in critical condition.  A few hours before our arrival, the settlers descended to the school and attacked the students.  After some conflicts with the villagers, the soldiers arrived and the settlers left.

17:05  Za'tra:  Manned in every direction.

17:15 At the entrance to Kifl Harith, there were 2 military vans and soldiers were milling around the entrance.