Hebron and Khursa: One shift and two stories

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Judy, Hagit (report and photos), Mohammed (Driver) . Translated by Danah
Election signs In Hebron - the candidate of Tel Rumeida

The story of Khursa

Khursa is a village-town located in Area A, on an east-west road that connects two north-south roads: Road 60 and Road 358. On that same road is the Negohot settlement, which metastasizes at the expense of Palestinian lands. Now there are already four hills far apart and they are all Negohot. One of them is a sheep farm. Another is a "B&B".  The people of the settlement wanted to be allowed to travel in the territories of the Palestinian Authority and in honor of their security built a pillbox in a ruin on private Palestinian land. The area was nationalized and is now  called a "Red Area" under military control by the Civil Administrationinfo-icon. The pillbox shares a common wall with the family Diwan. (Diwan is the public meeting space/building of the clan where everyone meets). T., the clan’s Mukhtar (head), tells us in fluent Hebrew about the daily difficulties of life near the pillbox and the need for prior approval for any use of it.

Although he’s got the personal number of the Civil Administration man, sometimes he does not answer him for long hours. The pleasant soldiers who are now coming down three times a day for three hours and show presence. Let them not forget for a moment who the rulers are here.

The story of Hebron

In Hebron, 170 Palestinian cars are already allowed to pass, with the approval of the Civil Administration, from Area 1H to Area 2H. We discovered this at the Givat HaAvot checkpoint where the gate is still broken. But Nahal soldiers at the checkpoints are still checking on the drivers.

On the occasion of the elections for the Hebron municipality, advertisements are hanging on all the grocery stores.