Halhul, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

We passed this morning through the Tarkumiya checkpoint. Very few passers-by compared to the parking lot which is full of Palestinian vehicles and there is zero space for any more.

We met Rami Grayew from Tarkumiya, who regrets that he does not have a permit to work in Israel and works as a junior in the Tarkumiya municipality and earns only NIS 2,000 for his livelihood, a sum of money that is not enough for basic subsistence.

We continued to the Hebron Halhul junction to bring Fawzi Jabrin from Bethlehem his personal equipment from Ramon Prison. Fawzi says that in the past he had a permit to bring goods from Israel to the West Bank. During the corona period he entered Israel without a permit, was caught  and imprisoned for two weeks. He  is required to pay a fine of NIS 7,500 to the court.  As he does not have this amount he therefore received a conditional release not to enter Israel for two years.

At the entrance to Idna, a soldier came down from the pillbox with his weapon aimed downwards and checked those leaving Idna for Route 60.

Muhammad from the grocery store in Tarkumiya reports that the Palestinians received only 400,000 vaccines and that is not enough for five million people.

Freedom Day for all of us.