Belgian TV visiting the checkpoints

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Annelien K., a journalist, two photographers, Chana P. (reporting), Charles K. (translator)

05:15  We arrived at Eyal Crossing.  It’s packed with people and vehicles and there’s much commotion.  We crossed to the other side, where people enter along a fenced corridor.  Two guards from the base escorted us.  They asked us to keep away from the fence, for our own safety.  In response to our question they said that an average of 12,000 people come on Sunday.  The winding path between the fences along which people are entering is very crowded.  Women proceed outside the fences to inspection.  Our guests were stunned by what they saw.

We spoke to a man who lives in Nablus.  It takes him an hour and a half to reach the checkpoint, then another hour to go through.  He arrives at work in Tel Aviv at 07:00, works until 16:00.  Crosses through the checkpoint on his way back, and is home by 18:30.  A man off to the side sighs, “It’s a hard life.”  We left at 06:00.

06:30  Habla.  The soldiers arrived and a few minutes later the gatesinfo-icon opened.  Our guests positioned themselves and began filming.  Soon an MP approached and told us it’s a closed military area and filming is prohibited.   Annelien argued with him, he pretended to telephone his commander, returned and said that it’s in fact a closed military area.   Annelien asked to speak to the commander but the MP refused and threatened to halt inspection if we don’t stop filming.  The photographers moved a few dozen meters away and he began inspecting again.