Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya, Zif Junction

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Yehudit K. (reporting) and Muhammad M. Translator: Natanya

.We left Beer Sheva at 15:00.  Meitar Checkpoint operates mainly in the West Bank direction at such hours - there were certainly people who started to return home and it is unclear whether they were  "licensed" or illegal workers. Muhammad says there were quite a few in the morning jobs. There were also older workers who had been visiting family or buying goods in Israel for the holiday next week.  He said that  at the beginning of next week that there was still a small movement towards Israel - women who, according to the number of packages, went shopping in the West Bank and returned home.  Everything was very comfortable, at least from afar. !

Road 60 is relatively quiet. We saw soldiers near El Fawwar but there was no barrier. Mohammad says that in  the morning shift which he did there were real barriers and people were being stopped for their documents  and vehicle checks, but not for long. In the hours that we were, everything seemed peaceful. We continued toward Hebron without any unusual incident and headed for Route 317 which, as usual, was almost empty of traffic. Near the village of Zif (part of Area C and part of Area B) we saw a Corona checkpoint at the entrance to Area B which was that of the PA - two very bored policemen because no one was passing through. What will happen now  if they don’t cooperate with Israel anymore?

The village of Tuwani was closed  so we didn't enter. We went to Susiya but we didn't get close again, we talked to Azzam over the phone and he says that they are "okay".

Back to Road 60 ... You can't help wondering what if, or when, there would be annexation. All the outposts and settlements that we passed by have business as usual: some construction, some expansion, renovations. Along the roads more and more electricity - related to the plans of the future - or not? The peace before the storm, and this is not new either.

Since there are only 3 weekly shifts now, and there are enough women without me, this is my last shift. I wish you good health and fruitful activity and all the best.