Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Daphna J. Translator: Natanya

Following the increased number of those affected by the Corona epidemic, we did a field trip to check the status of the entrances to the various localities under our responsibility.

Before the Meitar checkpoint: Border police jeeps blocking illegals from entering.

At the checkpoint: the parking lot around it is busy as usual.

Road 60 is empty.

Enterance to Samo': Unmanned, without a barrier and without a Corona barrier.

Entrance to Simia is open

Entrance to Dahariya  as above

Enter to Abda as above.

There are workers in the fields, it seems normal.

El Fawwar and Dura are the same but, there are closed neighborhoods.

In Hebron, the Palestinian part is completely closed.

The entrance to Hebron from Beit Hagai, is closed.

The Sheep Junction: the entrance to Hebron is closed with a police and military checkpoint. Cars come in after checking / approvals.

In the Yatta direction: fully open.

Route 356:

Second entrance to Yatta is open

Also the entrance to  Zif as above

We turned to 317 and met at a man at the  junction who told us that  sometimes the army and traffic police from Kiryat Arba come there, because of cars which  stop for shopping and just give them fines. (Even though you see a parking area inside the grounds and in the side !)

An army also enters Zif at night, and enters the  homes.

At the exit from Yatta, Border police put a checkpoint, even though there is none at the entrance (just to drive them crazy ????)

There are also no dirt blocks, at the exits along the road.

Umm al-Kheir: The garden is open and children play in the facilities.

Entrance to Tuwani: Open.

(Just before entering the main road, there was a police vehicle standing, not blocking anything but it is not clear why.  

We returned to Route 60 where there is little traffic and returned to Meitar Checkpoint.