Burin - "Just a regular weekday"

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Fathiya A. and Nina S.
Jewish Terror

19.7.22 was a regular weekday in Burin. The settlers made sure that it would not be just any day, but a special day for some of the residents.

We arrived at dear Doha’s home in Burin who reports to us what is happening there. After a short conversation, we drove with Doha to the area of ​​the village where the settlers and soldiers arrived the day before yesterday July 19, 2022.

The story we heard was that the settlers came down from Yitzhar in the direction of the village, lit a fire between the olive trees on both sides of the road, and then entered the road leading to the village. There they continued throwing stones at parked cars and broke the windows of three of them.

The soldiers joined the settlers and penetrated deeper into the village, where they may have been stoned. They ran after a 7-year-old boy who ran away to his house. They entered the house and demanded that the mother take him out. Later they threw the cameras of the person who was filming and entered the house, took the child out and threatened him and maybe beat him and imprisoned his cousin, who is still under arrest.

As we already said - just a regular weekday.