Hizma, Qalandiya

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Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.

Qalandiya and Hizme

“Today they are suffering terribly” said Abu Majdi, who drives patients every day to Augusta Victoria Hospital (East Jerusalem), for this is the only hospital equipped to give Palestinian cancer patients radiation treatment.

Not that they don’t suffer every day, but today they suffer than ever. Today something went wrong with the equipment at Augusta Victoria Hospital and the first patient was only let in after a 3-hour wait.

“Film us, film us”, said the people at Hizme village.

“No filming, no filming” shouted the soldiers.

“Film us”, the people insisted. “This is what bothers them most”.

“You can film the barrier as much as you want, just don’t film us” said the soldiers.

“On Thursday it will be 4 weeks since this has been closed”, said a person who makes sure to count the days, and then told us about the army incursions into the village, every day and especially at night. And that last night three jeeps came in, “took two boys, a 16-year old and a 17-year old”.

“We have no choice, they throw stones”, said the soldiers.

When they realized they cannot control the camerainfo-icon, they wanted to talk, and a strange group of occupiers and occupied gathered, people with guns and people threatened by the guns, and I among them, and we spoke about leadership and life conditions here (Hizme) and there (in the settlements) and about collective punishment, and possible solutions, and even about Marwan Barghouti (Palestinian resistance leader in Israeli prison).