The road bypassing Beit Ummar and Al-Arrub damages people's livelihood

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Raya Y.

We passed through the Tarkumiya checkpoint, the parking lot at the checkpoint is full of cars and cartons, not to mention the endless amount of nylon netting the checkpoint.

On road 35, a military jeep at the Adora junction.

On Route 60 we turned left towards Gush Etzion, we observed a military post manned by two soldiers a kilometre later, as well as further on at the Se'ir-Hebron intersection.

Carmei Tzur is growing and expanding, as evidenced by the new sign at the entrance to the settlement.

At the entrance to Al-Arrub, at Ibrahim’s grocery store, we met Musa Shalami who tells us that IDF soldiers are walking around their territory despite the new bypass road that cuts off the settler population from the Palestinians.

Muhammad Atali from Beit Ummar reports to us about the isolation of the gas station with the opening of the bypass road. He can no longer make a living. There used to be 5 taxis an hour, as you can see there is no movement of vehicles.