Khalt Makhul: Rugs for the winter

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Rachel A.

With winter coming, the need for carpets arises. Everyone is getting ready for the cold.  So, a carpet campaign got on the way, bringing many carpets from sated Israelis…

At Al Hadidiya and Khalat Makhoul every family received one. And more are expected. Thanks to Hadasa from Shefayim, Hagit’s sister, for enlisting to help.

A visit at the Hadidiya Kindergarten

A small kindergarten for a very small population. For all the girls (4) it’s the second year there, and we see a real change in their capabilities. They sing and recite and answer questions on various subjects according to their learning materials. So cute…

It’s always fun to visit the Odehs, see a family that organizes its life in harmony, a shared economy, shared work, three brothers living with their families and mother. I think I already wrote about this once, but no big deal. Once more of the same.

I’ve been trying to help them for a while now, to get the Civil Administrationinfo-icon to permit them to gather the stubble from their own field, inside a firing zone. Since the army doesn’t answer, either way, there’s no other choice but to decide and do it, and we prepare ourselves for night work. For various reasons this hasn’t happened, but will tomorrow.

Their field is distant from home, south of demolished Humsa.

In Khalat Makhoul spirits are still stormy around the event of Najia and Uri’s cows. Tonight at 1 a.m. Israeli police came and asked about the Jews (Taayush) who would arrive. They said these people make trouble, better they not come.

I thought the Palestinians should get written explanations of their duties and rights vis a vis the Jewish authorities. Are they obliged to answer? And what is the difference between soldiers and police that enter their home in daytime or in the middle of the night? Anyone knows?