South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Hagit S.S and Ruth B.O. (guest); Translator: Natanya

We had planned in advance not to enter Hebron because of the "Life of Sara" affair in the Cave of the Patriarchs, and planned to visit several villages in the south. Because of a terrible traffic jam we crawled for almost an hour! We had to meet  Muhammad at the Shoket junction – so  the tour was shortened and we were only at Susiya with Wadha and Azzam. As always, we were honored with a delicious tasting combination by Wadha and her nice daughter in law. According to Azzam, for about a year there has been no actual demolition here this year but all the time there is constant anxiety and there is no "light at the end of the tunnel" ... Azzam himself has a demolition order on the shaded net under which we sit, and the reasoning: the network covers a "floor", which has concrete marks .. The Regavim Association raises skimmers and cameras, and they and the military argue that this should be destroyed as a security risk, but when they lower the skimmer right over the sheep lying in the ground - their aim is to stampede them, which is what happens. Regavim is an organization of those on the right which follows illegal building of Arabs in Israel and Area C in the West Bank according to their own book of laws.

In response to the guest's questions, Azzam, in his usual way, tells again  the story of the "wandering" Susiya families from 1948 onwards, and as always expresses his views on the situation (such as: If Arafat had lived, there would have been peace.

The morning traffic jam plus the  stories Azzam has to tell forced us to settle for a shortened shift.