At-Tuwani – a demolition order of a small chicken shack

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Muhammaed, Daphna and a guest; Translator: Natanya

Wednesday, Meiter checkpoint, the parking lots are full, also buses of prisoners' visitors.

Masafer Yatta:

We drove towards At-Tuwani. In front of the entrance to A-Tawani, there is an unpaved road, towards Yatta, and it has been with soldiers who have been stopping and checking vehicles for a week.

At night, the army entered Jebel Carmil and confiscated vehicles under the pretext that they were dangerous.

The day before, the bulldozers with the police arrived at the Zif junction, destroyed a sheepfold, and confiscated tents in Wadi Ejkhesh. Later they came to At-Tuwani and destroyed Naser's chicken coop, claiming, as Ilan said , responsible for the ruins, that the shack is illegal, because it exceeds by 40 cm into  the area of the settlement!

Then they also entered the Khalet a-Daba’, confiscated a tent, and destroyed a chicken coop in Main.

Most of the harassment is in At-Tuwani, apparently because there is a concentration of opposition and activists there.

At the same time, from Havat Ma'on (an illegal  outpost for many years) and on behalf of Regavim, there are drones all the time, who take pictures, every operation of agriculture, tree planting, etc.

Nasser from At-Tuwani has a grandson, with a heart defect who is  in need of surgery, which cannot be done in the territories, and a request was made to have the surgery  done in Israel. Nasser is  optimistic that approval will be given....we will follow and hope....