Barta'a - additional parking is being arranged on the Palestinian side

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Hanna Heller (photos), Neta Golan (report), Tal Haran (translate)

15:00 Anin Checkpoint

A male and a female soldier guard the fence. Naturally they have no key to the checkpoint gate. Dozens of people, 4 women and 2 tractors are waiting. We are told that in the morning the gate was opened at 7:10 a.m. and about 120 people passed. We speak with the women a bit. Two of them are young, one speaks English and asks us if we are Israelis and from where. We are from Haifa. So was her late grandfather. The other two, the older women, are his daughters. All four live in Palestinian Anin, and are returning from a family visit in the Israeli town of Umm Al Fahm.


A military policeman and a policewoman arrive to open the gate of the checkpoint. They have the key. The gate has been changed, probably as part of the “improvement” of this part of the separation fence. The Anin villagers stand in two lines, a kind of new procedure, and pass the checkpoint.

15:50 Ya’abad-Dotan Checkpoint

We cross the separation fence at the Barta’a Checkpoint and park near the checkpoint which is located inside the Palestinian area, on the road to Jenin, near the junction leading to Mevo Dotan colony. The checkpoint is unmanned apparently, and vehicle traffic is unhampered.

16:10 Barta’a-Reihan, Palestinian side

The large car park, the lots below Zabda village and the roadsides are filled with cars. Some park even in the part of the car park opposite Zabda whose preparation has not yet been completed. We understood that a day’s parking in the large park costs 10 NIS. The price of a parking subscription at the guarded car parks costs 400 NIS a month. Near the checkpoint shed people sell strawberries, peanuts and cake. Three children sell coffee out of thermos bottles, the snack truck is open. Many return from their workplaces inside Israel proper and the seam zone. One tells us about his brother, prevented from entering Israel (blacklisted). We give him Sylvia’s card and wish him luck. One of the drivers tells us that today the Israeli army killed 10 people in Nablus. All were young, except for one, about 70 years old.

16:45 Toura-Shaked Checkpoint

All quiet, nearly empty. Only one person is waiting in the shed for his transport. Others return home in the West Bank from their workplaces.


On our way home, in the car, we hear on the news that in the Israeli army’s activity inside Nablus, ten people were killed – of them 8 ‘wanted men’ and 2 ‘uninvolved’. The older man is probably one of them.