At-Tuwani, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

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Muhammad and Ariela; Translator: Natanya
הובלת מים יקרים

Due to Ramadan we left late because the villagers prefer to sleep late so as shorten the fast. Despite this, at the Meitar checkpoint the parking lot was full.

  The goal today was to reach A-tuwani  which had been complaining  of harassment by the settlers.

On the way there, a little before Asael, we noticed a road leading up to the farm of Israel Kaplan, the settler who is harassing Abu Safi and his neighbors in Wadi Radim.

We traveled to A-tawaniA-tuwani  to visit Nasser Adara. Of course there is no sign indicating the name of the place at the entrance to the village where several hundred residents live. They are transparent. He received us  us in a room with bare walls, on a single mattress that was in the room, he looked exhausted from the fast and next to him was his ten-month-old grandson bouncing and happy. Nasser told us that his son Basel and another son of the neighbors were arrested on the grounds that they had entered state lands, Havat Maon, which is an illegal settlement, but only Basel and his friend are not allowed to be there. They were released after a day on bail of NIS 300. Relatively cheap and probably also the judge was under the impression that there was no basis for the claim of trespassing but did not close the case. This is an example of harassment which is there to harass Palestinians living in the neighborhood so that they understand who the sovereign is on the ground and may decide to leave.

There is no chance of that. On the way we met the water transport system to the Palestinian communities in the Occupied Territories. The water comes in a tank hitched to a tractor and the cost is very high

From A-tuwani we drove to Susiya but not a living soul was to be seen outside. Probably everyone was asleep and we did not want to disturb them.

The roads were also deserted, probably because of Ramadan.