Hashmonaim (Ni'ilin), Makkabim (Beit Sira)

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Nurit Wagner, Anat Shafir (reporting).  Translator:  Charles K.

05:30  Beit Sira checkpoint on Highway 443

Makkabim Beit Sira 220516.jpg
Hebrew only sign

The exit from Modi’in/Macabbim/Re’ut - people go through quickly.

In response to our question, they say everything’s working as it should, quickly.

Attached is a photo of the sign in perfect Hebrew whose function is to provide information to those using the crossing, who, as we know, do not speak Hebrew fluently, not to mention being able to read and write it…

The indifference and contempt displayed are boundless…

We have a pleasant conversation with two young soldiers.  One is Jewish, one Druze.  They never heard of Machsom Watch.

06:30  Ni’ilin checkpoint, near Modi’in Illit.

"It's their side"

A large, well-built checkpoint. We’re on the Palestinian side.  There’s a paved approach road and a large parking lot, but we’re observing from above.

Laborers coming from the Palestinian territories go down to the checkpoint from every direction. They make their laborious way among the boulders to the checkpoint. They create a new path, a shortcut.  The path is littered with papers and cans.

From the occupation’s perspective, it all belongs to us, the side from which the Palestinians arrive and the side to which they’re headed.

As to cleanliness and aesthetics, the dirty side is theirs.

We cross to the clean side where the laborers exit after taking 15 minutes to go through the checkpoint (we timed it).  They have no complaints about the checkpoint’s operation. 

The cameras pick us up and Shlomi, the security officer, comes toward us.  He’s pleasant, filled with good will.  We mentioned the rubbish on the other side.  “That’s their side,” he said.