Army training in Masafer Yatta

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Amira, Raya Y. (Reporting); Translator: Natanya
מסאפר יטא - טנקים וצאן

We met Nasser in Susiya and he reported that yesterday around 12:00 noon, many IDF forces arrived from Jimba to Majez and set up new checkpoints..

In Majez, the army set up cardboard targets and asked the residents not to leave the houses, starting at 3:00 PM so as not to be harmed. At around 16:00, two tanks arrived from the south to Majez and in the Fahith area. The tanks traveled through cultivated areas of wheat and barley and caused damage to the fields. The tanks stopped about 100 meters from the residents' houses.

The inhabitants as well as the camels and other animals were very frightened. 

Azzam sends a greeting and asks that we always come to visit him and Wadha.