Hebron - soldiers attempt to prevent the establishment of another settler outpost

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רעיה י' (מדווחת) ומוRaya Y. (reporting) and Muhammad. Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanyaחמד. עריכה: מירה בלבן

Tarkumiya crossing: crowded with vehicles, in parking lots, on the sides of the road, and in every possible corner. Vendors selling their goods - mainly food, come every day to earn a few shekels.

Route 35: At the Idna-Tarkumiya intersection, a military jeep and two soldiers scan and check the area.

Route 60: At the Shuyukh-Hebron intersection, a military jeep and two soldiers are watching and checking.


We entered at the main entrance to Kiryat Arba. The Jaber family, whose home is in front of the gas station at the entrance, is currently engaged in agriculture, sowing vegetables, and waiting for the grape harvest. Ata Jaber reports that IDF soldiers are walking around their house in an attempt to prevent the establishment of another settler outpost above their house.

Zion Axis: Bassem, who lives in Zion Axis across from House of Contention (Beit Meriva) (which became the House of Peace) repeats his Kafkaesque story again: Bassem has a permit to travel on Zion Axis, but since the checkpoint near Ha'avot neighborhood is closed (despite promises to open it), he cannot pass, with his car, from Palestinian  Hebron through  the Zion axis. That's why his car is still parked in the parking lot above, near the checkpoint of Beit Meriva. The only way open to him is to enter through Kiryat Arba. But for that he has to go around all of Hebron, and they won't let him enter through Kiryat Arba anyway.

Bassem says that every Saturday the settlers pass by their house and curse, so the shops are closed.

On the other side of the Zion axis, towards the Arab Kafisha neighborhood, the gate near the grocery store opens. Husni, the grocery store owner, is pleased that the gate was opened.

Shuhada Street: Quiet, no one goes and no one comes. In Tel Rumeida, Hamdi, the grocer, reports that many visitors come by bus to the Jewish cemetery.