Turmus Ayya - The settlers harass every day in different ways

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Rachel S. (Tel Interview) Ana S. (English translation)

Rachel interviewed A., of the Turmus Ayya Council, with whom we all talked several months ago before the lockdown, and who was willing to talk with her. A pleasant, well-spoken man who speaks English well—he worked in the States for many years. His older sons still live there with their families. He and his wife came back to Turmus some time ago to ensure their youngest son receives a traditional Palestinian education.

SETTLERS bother them every day in different ways. They attacked a young boy who was riding a bicycle; they burn trees; two days ago they stole a fence. They all come from the same area, a new place [an outpost?] near the valley. They are bolder now because of the corona. The soldiers of course defend them, and as to the police—“when we call them to complain about these attacks, they don’t always answer the phone,“ he says.

COVID 91. People take great care. So far, there isn’t a single case in their town.

ECONOMY. A difficult situation, there is a high rate of unemployment and no income.

Israeli Government: A. thinks they are tough, full of hatred, and they keep fighting among themselves. He doesn’t see that they aspire to peace.

Rachel suggests that any hope for a change lies in the belief that Trump won’t stay on. A. also thinks he will fall. He is, he says, “the worst that ever happened to the USA.”