A new sheep farm is being built opposite Sim'a

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

At 09:30 in the morning at the Meitar junction, three buses with men, women and children were on their way to Jaffa. They left their house at 08:00 and were waiting to be picked up.

On Road 60 near Zanuta, two vehicles under inspection by a police vehicle: ID card, licenses, the inspection includes downloading of all equipment in the vehicles.

A new sheep farm is being set up in front of Sim'a, and a road has been paved towards the farm. This creates a reality of Jewish settlement.

In Eshtamoa, an illegal outpost, two bulldozers in the area, expanding a new plot so that buildings can be added.

At the entrance to Dahariya, a military checkpoint checks vehicles leaving their homes toward Route 60.

We met Ali Awad from Dura, he informs us that he left his house this morning and his vehicle was inspected by the army, also on his way home his vehicle was inspected. Twice in one day.

At the sheep junction in the direction of Yatta, two jeeps are watching the traffic.

Occupation routine