Dura - corona days - h2 doctors infected

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Ronit R.- telephone report in Corona days; Translator: Natanya

Tonight I phoned our friend Y, who writes  requests from Dura. We are in a regular working relationship, we wanted to ask how he was and to wish  him Ramadan Karim.

We were happy to talk to each other as for a long time we had not spoken. He and  his family are all fine. The office is closed and they are staying at home. There is everything the village needs, but Ramadan will not be, of course, as it is every year. To the best of his knowledge, there are 2 cases of  Corona, both of whom were doctors infected by their patients.

He wished us and our families health and expressed their regards. We, the "Sylvia Team", who deal with the requests to enter Israel) planned to meet at the end of March and invited Y. as well as H. from Hebron to the meeting. I was in contact with Y. to see how I could assist him in crossing the checkpoint (he has mobility problems) so as to get to the meeting when the Corona fell on us all and the meeting was of course cancelled.

We said goodbye in the hope of meeting soon, after all.

Before the epidemic we spoke  on an average twice a week, but we never met.