Zenuta – the settlers send a drone which frightens the sheep

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Participants: Muhammad, Daphna and a guest. Editor: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya

At the Meitar crossing, many workers did not come, because it is still a Muslim holiday, and the parking lot is only half full.

Route 60:

We went to Farhan in Simiya. The road is still green, there are many crops, which are without water, and grow because of the humidity, such as facus.

Farhan is at home because of the holiday. his wife went to Jericho, for a family visit. Farhan's son injured his leg in an accident, is still recovering and cannot work.

He reviewed the situation in the village and its surroundings: the story of the school and the trial against them, is still in court and has not ended.

There is no strike and the children go back to school after the holiday. There are only about 25 children in the school. And some go to the other side of the village, because there is also a school there.

The army usually does not just enter the village and there are no special problems with the settlers.

There is a problem of electricity supply: although the entire infrastructure has been built, there is no electricity of the necessary strength and not on a regular basis. In addition, the army did not allow the Palestinians to connect a generator to his house.

Farhan has land on the other side of the road, near the Asael outpost, near Abu Safi. When, according to the council's demand, they wanted to make measurements of the area, the settlers interfered and did not allow the measurements. Occasionally they manage to find two quiet hours at noon and then take measurements.

The army also shot at them to get them to leave the area, claiming it was theirs. All this even though these areas belong to the inhabitants of Samu’.

Farhan is interested in Sea Days which MachsomWatch holds: they really want to go.  They haven't left the school or the village for three years. Requests that we turn to Rachel Afek!

Muhammad mentions that even in Al-Mufaqara they want to join the Sea Days.

We continued to Fares from Zanuta who had returned from the harvest. He says that they suffer from the settlers and the army:

About a week ago, two settlers (redheads) from Meiter Farm (Yinon's), arrived on horses, rode on to his land, and destroyed the crops. When his sons asked them to leave, they were cursed and almost beaten. Then the settlers left, but sent up a drone, which startled the sheep.

In addition, they wanted to move a flock of sheep to the other side of the road, in the direction of Shweika, and for that they had to ask for permission.

Another story: Settlers' sheep from the Yehuda Farm (opposite Shim’ah) ate the crops in the field of one of the Palestinians, on the side of Shweika.

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